EVA - 216

design Francesca Borelli
Eva - 216, design Francesca Borelli



1 x max 17 W - LED 220V
→ 25 cm
→ 9,8"




external matt white/inner gold
external matt black/inner gold



Year production


Table lamp giving indirect and reected led light. Cover with telescopic stem.

Technical data PDF [599 Kb]



Eva began as a question that I asked myself: as a designer, what does light represent to me? The answer was simple: form.
My project was born and developed in the intimate contact between light and form.
In the same way that light brings an object to life, without that same object light would never take shape. Their connection, their dependence on one another, is what I wanted to explore and highlight in my project, through the opposites of full-empty and light-dark.

In my projects, I always look for a potential artistic or architectural relationship that inspires and sustains the product that I want to create.
The inspiration for Eva came to me as I was contemplating the Pantheon.
Ironically, what everyone tends to remember about the Pantheon, more so than its monumental structure, is that which is missing but at the same time gives the building a sense of transcendence and mystique, that Petrarchan je ne sais quoi which can be found in the aesthetic of beauty.
This was the guiding principle of my project, leading to a product in which the sphere, a pure and simple shape, is revisited, thus turning that which is missing into the most important element.

Eva's book in PDF [13,7 Mb]