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We advise you to read this page in order to understand some of the rules regarding how our website is managed, particularly with respect to the personal data of those people who visit the site. These rules are applicable every time you access the Oluce S.r.l. website and decide to browse its pages or to use, or not, the services which require registration.

The following applies exclusively to sites controlled by Oluce S.r.l., and not to any other site which may be accessible by following a link from one of the pages on our website.

By accessing our site, you accept the terms and conditions given below. Should you decide not to accept our privacy policy, we ask that you neither access the website’s content nor use the services available from it.

We reserve the right to modify, add or remove parts of this Privacy Policy, making them known to interested parties by publishing the changes in this section. Every user is expected to check this page periodically in order to ascertain whether any changes have been made since their last reading. In any case, use of the site and its services involves accepting any changes that may have been made in the intervening period.

Information for users who browse the Oluce S.r.l. website.
Types of data collected and how this data is used

The information systems and software procedures used to operate them acquire, in the normal course of their operation, certain data, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols. This involves information which is not collected to be associated to an identified subject, but which, by its very nature, through being processed and associated with data held by third parties, could allow a user to be identified. This category of data includes, for example, the user’s IP address or the domain name of the computer used by the user to access a site, the addresses in URI form (Uniform Resource Identifier) for the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numeric code indicating the status of the server’s response (OK, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the user’s operating system and computing environment. Oluce S.r.l. uses this data for the sole purposes of collecting anonymous statistics on the use of the site and to check that the site is operating normally. Data could be used to ascertain liability in the case of a hypothetical computer crime against a site managed by the company and/or the company itself. Without prejudice to this eventuality, the data on web contacts will be stored for the time no longer than that needed to achieve the purposes for which the data was collected and subsequently processed.


The data collected via our site is processed with automated tools and for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data was collected. Specific and appropriate security measures have been taken to prevent any loss of data, any illicit or improper use of data and any unauthorised access to data.

The nature of providing data

With regards to browsing data, this is acquired in an anonymous form and is necessary to allow the content of the Oluce S.r.l. sites to be accessed and viewed.


A “cookie” is a small text file sent by certain websites to the user’s computer and stored there when the user accesses such a site. Cookies are used to store and transmit information. Cookies are sent from a web server (which is the computer that runs the website being visited by a user) to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and are stored on the user’s computer. Cookies are sent back to the website which originally set them upon the user’s next visit.

The Oluce S.r.l. website makes use of so-called “session or temporary cookies”, which are set by our site and stored on the user’s computer as the user browses the site. These cookies are not stored permanently but only exist for the time that the user is browsing the site. This means that this type of cookie is deleted when the user closes his/her browser. Use of these cookies is strictly limited to transmitting session identification data, made up of numbers randomly generated by the server, which is needed to allow the user to securely and efficiently browse the site.

The session cookies used on our site are anonymous ones which do not allow a user to be identified and are not, in any way whatsoever, combined with other information (e.g. personal data supplied by the user when filling out a web form). This data is used exclusively to track and analyse how sites are used by visitors and to compile statistics based on the information collected in an anonymous form and through the use of aggregated data. The cookies used by our site avoid the use of other IT techniques that could potentially jeopardise the user’s browsing privacy and they do not allow identifying personal data about the user to be collected. Oluce S.r.l., through its website, does not use cookies to transmit information of a personal nature nor does it use user tracking systems. The user may, at any time, change his/her browser settings to, for example, accept all cookies, only some cookies, or to block cookies, disabling their use by websites. In addition, the user can normally set his/her browser settings in such a way as to be notified each time a website wishes to store a cookie. It should be noted that not accepting cookies does not, in any way whatsoever, affect the proper operation of our site. It should also be noted that, at the end of each browsing session, the user may, in any case, delete cookies directly from his/her computer’s hard disk.

Services used on our website

Statistics – Our site uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). The Google Analytics service uses cookies that collect data on site traffic. These cookies are stored on the user’s computer in order to allow the website to analyse how users who access the site actually use it. The information generated by the cookies on how the site is used by a user (including the user’s IP address) is sent to and stored on Google’s information systems.

Google uses this information to trace and to analyse how the Oluce S.r.l. website is used by users who access it, compiling reports and statistics in an anonymous form on the activities and use of the site. Our site, in any case, is programmed with specific functionality to render IP addresses anonymous and no browsing data, in any way whatsoever, is combined with other information (personal data supplied by the user when filling in a registration form). The user may, though, and at any time, refuse cookies from Google Analytics, disabling their use by websites that the user visits, by installing the browser add-on to opt out of Google Analytics. Visit

Social Widgets and Command Buttons – Social Widgets/Command Buttons are those “buttons”, often represented by graphic icons (e.g. social media icons such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), which allow users browsing our site to perform an action or a command (for example, to express a “Like”) interacting, with a “click”, directly with social media networks. Thanks to the user’s click on a social widget, the user has the ability to share the site’s content on his/her social media profile, allowing content coming from the social media network itself to be published and viewed on the pages of the Oluce S.r.l. website (e.g. displaying photos of friends). Oluce S.r.l. does not share any browsing information nor any user data.


Browsing data may be communicated to data processing companies to provide and manage IT services, for example in the case of hosting being entrusted to a third party and connected to the use of our website. Furthermore, data may become known and processed within Oluce S.r.l., by personnel expressly appointed as people responsible for processing data and/or Processors (in terms of processing personal data) in accordance with their respective authorisation. In the event of an express request and in the circumstances authorised by law, data may be communicated by Oluce S.r.l. to a Public Security Authority or to the police. With reference to the information generated by third-party cookies used by our website, this information is communicated to Google Inc. to the extent indicated on this page.

No browsing data, in any way whatsoever, is disclosed.


The Oluce S.r.l. website is managed and controlled by Oluce S.r.l., Via Conservatorio, 22, 20122 Milan (MI), Italy as the Controller in terms of processing the personal data of users who access and use it.

Information for users who use the site’s services
Accessing and using the services offered in an interactive way on the Oluce S.r.l. site (e.g. subscribing to the newsletter) may sometimes require a web form to be completed with certain information being entered by the data subject. This information is classified as personal data by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679 – the “GDPR”.

Oluce S.r.l., as the Controller, provides certain useful information (below) regarding how data sent by a user will be processed and what rights the user has under the GDPR. To exercise his/her rights, a user may contact the Controller by emailing:


To access the services and content provided by Oluce S.r.l. through its website, certain personal and identifying data, depending on the type of service, may be requested from the user such as, for example, first name, last name, email address, etc.. To access our services, we never ask for any sensitive information (e.g. information regarding the user’s racial and ethnic origin, religious beliefs, philosophical or political views, state of health, sex life, etc.) nor any judicial information (information about criminal records or
information about whether the user is currently a defendant or a suspect in an ongoing case, etc.).

There are two main ways in which the user can voluntarily provide his/her personal data:

    • Email and telephone contact: voluntarily calling one of the numbers or voluntarily sending an email to one of the email addresses indicated on our site, leads to the user’s address being acquired by Oluce S.r.l.. This is needed to respond to the sender. Other personal data included in the email, or in any attachments, may also be acquired, or otherwise communicated verbally in the case of telephone contact. The email boxes assigned to the addresses indicated on our site, as well as every other Oluce S.r.l. email box, are not personal by nature even if they bear the first and last names of a natural person. They belong, in fact, to Oluce S.r.l. as a corporate organisation and have the primary purpose of allowing tasks to be carried out within the company. Therefore, in order to ensure the greatest organisational efficiency in communications and in providing services, messages sent to our email boxes may become known not only by the recipient, but also by other members of staff working for Oluce S.r.l.. By sending an email to one of the addresses indicated on our site, the user declares that he/she has reviewed and accepts the conditions regarding the processing of personal data contained in this policy.


    • Compiling web forms: voluntary registration for services, initiatives, etc. by filling out a specific web form, leads to the Controller acquiring all the data voluntarily entered by the user on the form and the subsequent processing of such data in compliance with that given in this notice.



Personal data voluntarily provided by the user will be used exclusively for the purposes needed for, and strictly relevant to, each individual service requested and used. In every case in which Oluce S.r.l. intends to use the data provided for purposes other than or different to those for which the data was specifically collected, Oluce S.r.l. will notify the data subject beforehand and will ask him/her to provide his/her express consent to the further processing that Oluce S.r.l. wishes to perform. In every case where personal data is provided through our website, this same data may be used for economic analysis purposes, statistics and market research. This processing is, however, always carried out with data in an anonymous form and on an aggregate basis, without ever relating the information processed to the data subject’s individual personal data.

Below is a list of the services which may be made available through our website and the specific purposes for processing the personal data linked to each one:

    • richiesta di adesione alla newsletter: i dati rilasciati dall’interessato saranno utilizzati esclusivamente per l’invio di quanto richiesto;


    • request to subscribe to the newsletter: the data provided by the data subject will be used exclusively to send that requested;


    • specific requests for information or contact (e.g. requests for commercial or technical information, requests to be contacted, requests regarding product availability, after-sales assistance requests, etc.): the data provided by the data subject will be used exclusively to send that requested;


    • request to subscribe to specific, temporary and extraordinary initiatives (e.g. membership to a club, signing up for promotions, etc.): the data provided by the data subject will be used exclusively to register the same for the initiatives specifically selected by the data subject;


    • Commercial information or sending advertising material: the data provided will be used for the purpose of sending information of a commercial nature or advertising material via the traditional postal service, or by email, telefax, SMS, etc.. No service made available through the Oluce S.r.l. site binds the data subject to the necessary and mandatory acceptance of this specific purpose for processing the data provided. Furthermore, the data subject may, at any time, change his/her choices through the specific dedicated link found in the newsletter and in the promotional messages.



In all the cases in which the data subject’s consent is needed in order to process his/her personal data, we will ask for this consent in advance and specifically in relation to the individual purpose, in a clear, free and unconditional manner. We inform you, however, that for some purposes, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679 (“GDPR”) allows the Controller to process personal data without having to acquire the data subject’s consent. This occurs, for example, when processing personal data is necessary in order to fulfil a legal obligation or to execute contractual obligations assumed towards the data subject him/herself.


Processing personal data will be done using paper, magnetic, IT and telematic tools and devices. Data will be stored appropriately in databases to which those employees expressly appointed by the Controller as people responsible for processing data and/or Processors (in terms of processing personal data) have access, in accordance with their respective authorisation. People responsible for processing data and Processors may view, use, process and compare data, as well as perform any other appropriate operation, even automated ones, only in the cases in which they have been expressly authorised to do so.


Providing personal data, freely given by the user by filling out a web form, is optional. The data subject is, therefore, free to provide the requested data or not. However, with specific reference to that data which is indispensable to carrying out the request made, any lack of data or any inaccurate data may make it impossible to fulfil such a request.


Without prejudice to the communications made to fulfil legal obligations, personal data may be brought to the attention of:

    • companies that have dealings with Oluce S.r.l. in their roles as parent companies, subsidiary companies and/or associated companies;


    • companies that provide Oluce S.r.l. with specific supply services such as, for example, data processing companies to provide and manage IT services, companies and firms providing services and consultancy of which Oluce S.r.l. makes use;


    • third-party companies who sell products and provide services similar to those marketed by Oluce S.r.l. and with whom Oluce S.r.l. has a partnership and collaboration relationship.

In any case, amongst the security measures adopted, Oluce S.r.l., in the presence of the necessary prerequisites, may appoint its service providers who have access to personal data as external processors (in terms of processing personal data) due to the activity being done.


With regard to the personal data mentioned above, the data subject may, at any time, exercise those rights provided for by articles 15 (right of access) 16, (right to rectification), 17 (right to erasure); 18 (right to restriction of processing); 20 (right to data portability) and art 21 (right to object) of the already mentioned EU Regulation 2016/679. Furthermore, the data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority which, in Italy, is the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la Protezione dei dati personali,


The Oluce S.r.l. website is managed and controlled by Oluce S.r.l., Via Conservatorio, 22, 20122 Milan (MI), Italy as the Controller in terms of processing the personal data of users who access and use it.

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