Elements of interior design with an authoritative yet graceful presence that can speak across generations and become an integral part of the fabric of the location itself where the object is positioned.

Thanks to the variety of catalogue products and to the infinite possibilities of personalisation offered by the Bespoke Tailoring service, Oluce succeeds in masterfully characterising environments, locations and styles that are remotely different from each other. In this way, hotels, restaurants, offices, private homes, stores and public areas become both the protagonists as well the setting of a theatre of lights, shadows, atmospheres and suggestions.


Bespoke Tailoring is considered a “product personalisation” service, especially designed for this type of creations. In addition to the products that are available in the catalogue, the company offers the possibility to create bespoke lamps to fulfil specific needs or to produce adaptable versions of products from existing collections. The service’s intended use addresses architects, designers and contractors to meet the most particular production demands in a personalised, flexible way. The Bespoke Tailoring service can be utilised both for the mass production of products as well as for lesser quantities putting Oluce’s experience at the disposal of a great variety of projects.

In fact, the company offers a procedure consisting of several steps that can be adapted according to the needs of each project: the initial project proposal, together with the feasibility study, the development of the working drawings of the made-to-measure product or of the personalisation required, the study of lighting techniques, the production stage, transport, the installation and after-sales service. For each project, the procedure is studied according to specific needs and is strictly complied with throughout its entire duration.

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