Bellucci Mazzoni Progetti

Bellucci Mazzoni Progetti

Bellucci Mazzoni Progetti

Bellucci Mazzoni Progetti is the interior design studio founded in 2012 by designers Guido Bellucci and Francesco Mazzoni. Set up as BMB Progetti, it wasn’t until 2023 that it became Bellucci Mazzoni Progetti. This industrial design studio was founded with the aim of giving free rein to imagination and creativity, turning them into the cornerstone values of projects realised with strong graphic and contemporary impact. United by a great friendship and passion, Guido and Francesco have strong links with Siena, which has always offered solid inspiration and cues for the conception and growth of new ideas.

They constantly study, observe and listen in order to elaborate new forms and functions. The bathroom furnishing sector was their first testing ground, the field of taps and fittings in particular, where design calls for the development of details with limited room for manoeuvre.

This activity proved useful as an exercise in style. To this day, Bellucci Mazzoni Progetti continues to work in the bathroom furnishing sector, while also experimenting with the study of new themes such as lighting and furniture for both indoors and out, in a continuous search for its own graphic dimension.

Their lamps for Oluce

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