Empty – 439/L

Empty - 439/L

Jörg Boner, 2013

An empty space is filled with light. LED technology, having finally entered a mature phase, can perform lighting wonders, producing a glow with virtually no volumetric obstruction from bulbs and bulb holders. For his first collaboration with Oluce, Jörg Boner, one of the most famous Swiss designers, starts from this assumption in designing a large suspension lamp composed of two overlapping canopies. The inner canopy takes its shape from the industrial aesthetics of the refractors and is then divided into a sequence of metal faces that continuously refract light. Conversely, the outer canopy conforms to a continuous curved surface, which has been stove-enamelled. An unmissable sensation is the impression of surprise that occurs on approaching the lamp when, from the perception of the external volume only, one is finally able to enjoy the precious internal reflections. Last but not least, the special, and sophisticated, chromatic relationships chosen by Jörg Boner see the combination of white and copper, white and acid green, rather than white and stainless steel.

Marco Romanelli

Technical data

Suspension lamp giving direct and reflected light. Bent, laser-processed aluminium internal reflecting body. Painted, turned aluminium external cover. Dimmable in both versions with appropriate dimmer.

Technical information LED source

LED 220V – Watt* 17,5W – °Kelvin* 3000°K – Lumen* 1300 – CRI* >80

* The data are related to the individual circuits. Characteristics declared by the supplier and subjects to change.


Source bulbs
1 x max 17,5 W (LED) - 220V - 3000°K - 1600 lm - CRI >85

Ø 59 cm ↑ 32 cm (Ø 23.25" ↑ 12.61")


White/Satin copper - Bronze/Satin copper


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