Oluce @ Euroluce 2023

“A research of light” The new 2023 Lamps Collection.

Oluce participated at Euroluce and presented the new 2023 collection of lamps. The showcased products were new projects conceived by Italian and international designers, indoor lamps which are the expression of a studied decorative aesthetic that shapes everyday environments with light.

The stand, designed by Ferruccio Laviani, was conceived as a surreal and evocative place, with strong architectural references and a colour palette dominated by warm and vivid hues. It seemed to want to evoke an emotional architecture inspired by De Chirico’s enigmatic paintings where walkways and corridors intersect with staircases and arched passages, enhanced by extremely intense colours. Inside, domestic areas and displayed spaces alternate to recount the new products and collections, where Oluce lamps illuminated, decorated and expressed a stylistic and aesthetic narrative.

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