Focus on Berlin lamp / New dimension

The Berlin range of lamps, designed by French designer Christophe Pillet, is joined by a new size.

Initially offered in diameters of 30 and 40 cm, it is now also available in a larger 50 cm diameter. Berlin’s design and finishes mean that its considerable presence integrates into the space without ever being intrusive. Its elegance and sophistication make it ideal for use in both contract and domestic settings.

Berlin, design Christophe Pillet

Berlin is an object that calls into question the common understanding of the ceiling light, turning its traditional discreet character upside down to transform it into an elegant and decorative feature.

Berlin, design Christophe Pillet

Available in the ø40 and ø50 ceiling versions or the ø30 version for use either as a ceiling light or wall light, Berlin takes the form of a thick metal ring with a slender profile enclosing a disc of wire mesh glass inside it. The anodized brass finish recalls echoes of Art Deco, given a contemporary update in the shapes, and in the use of LED as the light source.

Berlin - design Christophe Pillet
Berlin 720, 721 - Design Christophe Pillet
Berlin, design Christophe Pillet

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