Preview Euroluce 2015: CUSTOM MADE LIGHTING


Oluce‘s steadfast commitment to continuing research and coordination with the world of design over the past 70 years is evident again in their new proposals for Euroluce 2015: an expert mix of innovation and attention to tradition.

Some key examples are the collaboration with Mist-o, the young Italo-Japanese duo composed of Tommaso Nani and Noa Ikeuchi, and a significant revival of a design by Joe Colombo, as well as the renewed collaboration with Angeletti&Ruzza. Booth and set up design: Ferruccio Laviani.

In Las, Mist-o has created an elegant architectural-style floor lamp, featuring clear-cut geometric shapes that divide up the space, playing skilfully with the presence and absence of light.

The iconic lines in Joe Colombo‘s products, so closely linked with the history of Oluce, return in the form of the arched wall lamp Coupè 1158: a luminaire that settles into the space with an architectural presence that can span decades, through a power that transcends trends and fashions.

Yolk is the new product proposed by Angeletti&Ruzza, i.e. Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza, that plays with the concept of duo with a light-hearted humour, starting with the basic combination of elements that make up a light, metal and glass, which determine the reflection and diffusion of the light.

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