Circles – 429

Circles - 429

Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli, 2011

“Circles” conjures up two images: a large, plain ring when observed from afar and an intricate set of non concentric circles when seen close up, where one circle is sitting inside the other creating a sort of spiral. Remote inspirations: the small ripples made by a stone thrown into water or the cross section of a mysterious Nautilus shell but, above all, the monumental sculpture of Richard Serra. “Circles” is seen from its best angle when it is suspended above a dinner table and its fabric casing creates an utterly “homely” atmosphere.

Marco Romanelli

Technical data

Suspension lamp giving direct or diffused light. Light fixture composed by 4 cylinders in different diameters in reflecting or diffusing laminated textile.


Source bulbs
4 x max 20 W (E27) - Fluo

∅ 65 cm ↑ 30 cm (∅ 25,61" ↑ 11,82")


White/Silver - Brown/Gold


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