New products in the 2015 Collection

Two important reissues of Joe Colombo and two new products by Angeletti&Ruzza and by Ferdi Giardini enrich the Oluce wall lamps collection: the two arch lamps Coupé 1158 and Coupé 1159/R and the newly added Yolk and Voilà.

The wall model, born essentially as a service light, becomes a highly decorative lamp with Voilà and Yolk, bringing us evocative chromatic effects.

The Led light Voilà, designed by Ferdi Giardini, refracts the light on the winding metal curves painted in white; while Yolk by Angeletti&Ruzza arises from the combination of light reflection and diffusion created by the difference in the materials used: metal and blown glass.

Two effective furnishing solutions that can easily become a part of the domestic environment, combining functionality with aesthetics.

The iconic lines offered by Joe Colombo, so indissolubly bound with the story of Oluce, return with the wall arch lamps Coupé 1159/R and Coupé 1158: light elements that take their place with an architectural presence and go through the decades with a force that transcends fashion and trends.


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