Oluce recognised as a Historic Brand of National Interest

Oluce entered the special Register of Historic Brands of National Interest established by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development

Oluce approaches the next Euroluce exhibition with an important recognition. With its history of more than 70 years of excellence and innovation, the company enters the special Register of Historic Brands of national interest established by the Ministry of Economic Development. This initiative protects and enhances Italian manufacturing companies with brands that have been registered for at least 50 years.

A milestone that attests Oluce’s deep bond with the country, built with the commitment and passion that enabled the company to build solid experience over the years, strengthening technical and industrial skills and linking them to a high design sensitivity.

Since 1945, Oluce has imagined, developed and produced decorative lamps that have resulted in iconic pieces admired worldwide and top-quality designs. These have arisen from partnerships with legendary design masters and, more recently, with internationally renowned designers. Oluce lamps are based on well-defined, designed, and decorative aesthetics. They are objects that tell their own story, where beauty springs from attention to detail, incisive designs and fine materials. Furnishing elements create a dialogue across generations and become an integral part of the homes they furnish.

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