Spider and Atollo: the new Adi Design Museum hosts Oluce’s Compasso d’Oro winners

The Spider lamp (designed by Joe Colombo in 1965 and winner of the Compasso d’Oro in 1967) and Atollo (designed by Vico Magistretti in 1977 and winner of the Compasso d’Oro in 1979) have been selected for display at the new Adi Design Museum in Milan.

Inaugurated on 25 May last year, the museum houses the historical Compasso d’Oro collection, consisting of objects that have won the award since 1954. It opens its doors to the public with 8 exhibitions that embrace different periods of time and create a conversation with the permanent collection, which Spider and Atollo play a starring role in.

The traditional white metal version of Apollo greets visitors at the museum entrance and is one of the most important designs in the temporary exhibition “Uno a Uno” (One by One), a historical reflection on a series of judiciously paired designs, all of which have individually won the award. Selected and exhibited together in pairs, the objects are identical in terms of type but different in terms of design, having been created by different designers and at different points in time.

The real heart of the museum is the permanent exhibition and this hosts a second Atollo lamp (in black metal) and a black version of the Spider lamp, which are paired together to symbolise the brilliance of Italian design and to act as key elements in a narrative designed to really showcase the Made In Italy design system.

Spider was developed as a single lighting fixture that could host a special horizontal spot-light bulb. Its melamine joint meant it could be mounted on different supports (table/floor/wall/ceiling), thereby developing the concept of a lamp family.

Over the years, Atollo has become the archetypal table lamp, totally revolutionising the way we think about the classic bedside light. With its simple geometric shapes, this sleek, decorative product continues to stand the test of time, unaffected by fleeting trends, and is recognised globally as an icon of Italian design.

Courtesy Adi Design Museum – Photos by Martina Bonetti

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